Trina Frierson has witnessed it all through adversities and challenges, including losing custody of her children. Broken and devastated, young Trina had a humungous task at hand: to free herself from the shackles of addiction and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. But she needed support; that’s what she received from her daughter and the people around her. Now, she aspires to return the favor.

Achieving the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Trina was in an unhealthy relationship and bore children who also struggled with living life on life’s terms. With financial and drug problems, she found it hard to become a role model for her little ones. Things changed after she received the support required to establish and maintain her sobriety and regain her life. Enrolling in a long-term program that offered life-changing support and therapy proved to be the key to kickstarting her life. Now a transformed person, she wants to return the favor to society.

Mending Hearts with Trina

She established a reputation for helping those who walk the same path as she did at a young age. Mending Hearts was founded in 2002 when Trina began bringing women into her personal home. She created Mending Hearts as a 501c3 in 2004, which started to serve and treat seven women in a single home. That number has swelled to over 5400 women being treated in 16 houses. Her foundation has become a valuable asset in Middle Tennessee. Trina has been a driving force behind the transformation of her community and is eager to extend the reach of this cause. By joining Trina, you can contribute to the ongoing positive shift in society.

Mending Homes, Life, and Hearts with Trina – Join Her Today!